Troyes Commune in North Central France

Troyes is a commune that’s in the north central France. It is located at the banks of Seine River. The river is located in south east of Paris. The city initially served as the primary seat of bishop who afterwards rescued the town from Attila by serving as a hostage. It gained its importance in the medieval century with the help of its commerce and trade. The whole medieval city was burnt in 1524 destroying all its key part. This town also houses head quarters of some of the big fashion house like Lacoste that is among the most well-known brands all over the world. It’s also home to world’s finest chocolate maker company Pascal Caffet.

The town includes numerous houses that are built with the help of wood. These houses were built in early 16th century in the towns old part and are very attractive.

The Hotel de Ville is a theme resort which is based on the style of Louis XIII. The central part of the resort consists of reception and different other rooms for guests’ convenience. There was a statue at the entrance of the door of Louis XIV which was Hunedoara placed down in 1793.

  • This town has lots of old churches and other buildings in the old city.
  • The construction has many beautiful sculptures. This church is categorized as monument of historical importance by French Tourism.
  • The Gothic Saint-Urbain Basilica was built in late 13th century. It has its roof covered by highly polished tiles.
  • It has a fashionable chapel rostrum which is linked by stairs. On the south part of the church you will find two sculptures positioned parallel to one another.
  • There are many other beautiful areas in France where you can see to enjoy your vacations.