The History of Christian Religion

The Christian life has frequently been compared to a race. The apostle Paul (1 Corinthians 9:24-27, Galatians 2:2, Philippians 2:16, 2 Timothy 4:7) and also the writer of Hebrews understood their subscribers would understand the contrast. Even though the Olympic games were pagan in origin, folks dwelling in Biblical days might observe a connection between the devotion necessary to compete in matches, possibly even the early Olympic games, and the Christian lifestyle.

  • When Joannie Rochette of Canada skated her short schedule just two weeks after her mum died of a heart attack, it had been before a crowd of over 11,000 observers. They had been awed that night as she scored a personal best and again two weeks later when she won the decoration. The commentators, a few former Olympic champions themselves, were impressed with her elegance and capability to continue through her despair.
  • The author of Hebrews cites a wonderful cloud of witnesses following naming a number of the most powerful religious giants of those ages. People in that roll call were loyal despite many hardships. They had been praised by God since they didn’t stop trying. However difficult the race is to get the believer, audiences in the household of God are cheering him on.
  •  Apolo Ohno, that currently has eight Olympic medals, stated, “Being an Olympic athlete for me is 100% pure sacrifice.” Lindsey Vonn, after winning her gold medal at the 2010 winter Olympics, stated, “I’ve given up everything for this.
  • Training is an essential prelude to the race. Total dedication a part of the training. The same as the Olympic athletes, the Christian life isn’t for the idle. There’s sacrifice involved. It’s challenging work, but more than worth every attempt to bring glory to God.

After having broken a speed record and allegedly securing the gold medal because of his speedskating occasion, he had been disqualified. The album has been struck and the golden medal was missing because his trainer, Gerard Kemkers, persuaded him to change lanes throughout the race. Sven’s first anger was clear. However, the following day, he realized that it wouldn’t help him, his staff, his coach or his nation if he hung on to bitterness. He let it all go.

  • Satan is well aware of everything can ensnare the life span of any Christian. He’ll use this to his benefit. He’s in the company of robbing the fruit, or the decoration, by a believer’s life. The Bible informs us that we ought to know about his strategies and also to withstand him. The means to do that’s to draw closer to Christ, who knew no sin.
  • The enormous grins on the faces of this medal winners continue to be plastered throughout the web and newspapers. For them, all of the pain and preparation was worth the decoration.
  • Jesus, for the joy set before Him, endured His race, that was the trip to the cross. Individuals that believe in Him are His pleasure. As His followers, we’ll also experience true and lasting joy because we conduct our race for His glory. more information visit on