The Evolution of Technology

His contextualizing theories rule many theories like tech, fuzzy logic, performance, hyper-functionality, ending of their symbolic, hypermarket, simulacra and simulation.

Most noteworthy is Baudrillard’s reading in to tech. Tech in the postmodern world is organised on the grand narratives of resistance and contrast. There’s a debate going on in the world whether should resort to eco-farming or farming using genetically engineered seeds. Does tech invade the privacy of itself? Yes, in a sense it will. Cyber companies such as Google and Yahoo collect private information and pass it on to create ads. At a scientific society we aren’t free of surveillance. Additionally, there are positive effects of technologies such as the spread of social networking and its usage by people. Twitter, Facebook and sites such as WordPress and Blogger assist to create public opinion and in addition, they help to report news that’s been dismissed by the mainstream media.

For Baudrillard you will find 3 degrees of simulation and they’re the first, second and the third most. The very first degree of simulation is a clear copy of fact. The next degree of simulation blurs the border between representation and reality. An example that may be used is a version depicting the arrangement of the DNA version. The third sort of truth is the one which is generated in virtual space. To illustrate with an example: let’s choose the Blue Whale match, a digital game which leads teenagers in to suicide. Another instance: are the editorial comment in a paper. For Baudrillard all these simulations operate together to make a hyper-technological society.

This might be clarified with an illustration; such as air-conditioning in automobiles can be installed to operate within an auto-mode. Pilots can place flight routines in an auto-driven mode. All these are cases of fuzzy logic. Another illustration could be warfare simulated games functioned using a computer.

The following concept utilized by Baudrillard is hyper-functionality. At a hypermarket we get to purchase all kinds of consumer products. Now’s postmodern societies are fond of utilizing gizmos. A gizmo is a technological build made to offer enjoyment and usefulness to customers.