Temporary Grave Markers a Unique Keepsake

Momentary grave markers have been used for decades to help a family track down new burial sites until a permanent marker may be installed. Recently, a funeral consulting company launched a fresh, patent pending temporary grave marker that is unlike something previously seen on the market before.

This unique funeral product is diverse in that the temporary grave marker can be converted to any memorial keepsake. The photo frame portion of the short lived marker can be removed allowing the family to take it home after the long lasting grave marker is in place.

To create these temporary plot markers, funeral professionals can utilize free funeral application to personalize them in-house. The markers can be developed with or without photos and any custom message the household wishes to add. On the back of the marker, there is also enough space for additional pictures, a prayer, poem, scripture, or well-known quote – which can be selected from a vast online catalogue.

This innovative temporary grave marker is unique in that it not only replaces the impersonal and simple card on a steel or plastic stick, but also offers the family a unique treasure. After the permanent grave marker is in place, the photograph frame portion of the marker can be removed allowing the family to take it home as a keepsake.

Temporary Grave Markers in Los Angeles can become an enduring memorial once the headstone or permanent marker is in spot. Unlike any other funeral product that marks a serio, this revolutionary removable photo frame is truly a unique memento that can be easily created in-house for client families.

Free of charge software contains easy to use templates featuring over 500 designs representing most interests, hobbies, occupations, and religious backdrops. If a theme currently isn’t available, simply call the particular funeral consulting company and make a request.

The brief marker comes complete with perforated photo sheets and laminate pouches as well as a metal stake which can be reused multiple times.

While someone close passes away, often the bereaved want to hold onto anything as a memento of that person’s life. Funeral professionals can certainly provide client families these keepsakes including custom-made temporary markers using the most advanced funeral software. This robust software program is easy to use and affordable. Each item can be personalized under one building using pre-formatted templates and hundreds of themes for the greatest personalization. Client families will be relieved to know their memorial service professional can really handle everything, right down to providing the funeral service keepsakes.

Having access to the latest, most advanced funeral software makes personalization easy for the funeral professional. Finding a provider that offers simply no long term contracts, no upfront costs, no equipment to get and no support fees is ideal.