Some Ides About Dog Behavior

It gets more obvious every day that pet owners have to be held legally accountable and accountable for their dog’s actions. With over 70 million dogs owned in the US, lack of responsible ownership is contributing to a lot of issues from puppies conducting lose to dog snacks and maulings.
I don’t often perform ‘dog bite’ posts since the press brings sufficient hype and hysteria to this topic already but one trend I am seeing more frequently is dog owners being lawfully prosecuted because of their dog’s behaviour. Normally the penalty is contrary to the puppy just, from confinement to departure. Oh, the proprietor could face a fine or any civil activity but that is inadequate. Now we are finally beginning to see actual penalties, felony and misdemeanor charges, huge fines and even jail time.

There’s not any space within our society for vicious dogs also, generally speaking, there’s also no reason behind this. I hate to see dogs being murdered and murdered due to the absence of obligation of a few dog owners and it is time to make them pay the cost due to their negligence, irresponsibility or even worse.

If you do not have the time to properly train and socialize your pet, to keep it in your hands and that puppy wounds up running loose and wreaking havoc, then you want to be held accountable. There should be harsher penalties, legal penalties.

And I wish to emphasize that what I am speaking about are irresponsible dog owners! Not dogs owners whose dogs have been protecting them and their property, lawfully. If your pet is in your premises and somebody is unlawfully trespassing, or somebody comes into your house and threatens you personally, and your pet becomes competitive, these conditions have to be taken under account. Dogs are naturally territorial. They’ll secure their ‘home’ and their ‘people’.

I am also not referring to the once in a blue moon doggie escape. It happens. You open your door and fast as taxi be, your puppy darts outside and eliminate running. It has occurred to me… once. Usually this is not a issue but if you’ve got an aggressive dog, then this may be a large issue.

I’m a strong advocate of dog welfare and I strongly believe that many dog issues can be laid at the foot of owners, not the puppies. Having a dog isn’t a right, it is a privilege as it includes responsibilities.

I am sick to death of writing about breed bans against certain breeds of puppies, now mostly targeting in pitbull strains but also rottweiler vs pitbull fight to death Dobermans, German Shepherds, Chows, Akitas, Mastiffs along with many others, since idiots, jerks and thugs think owning a large, tough, mean dogs makes them rough. They create these puppies mean and whenever these dogs escape they are likely to cause difficulty, little trouble.

It has gotten to the point today that when a police officer sees a pit bull coming toward them they mechanically draw their weapon and take. The dog might be among the sweetest, best, friendliest dog there ever was but due to the reputation that irresponsible owners and press hype have contributed these puppies, they are instantly regarded as dangerous and handled as such.

The most important thing is that the majority of the time, dogs aren’t responsible for strikes because they are doing what they’ve been trained to perform or permitted to perform with insufficient training and socialization; the weight is with owners who should restrain their animals. Quit making just the puppy pay the greatest price! Legislation must sanction irresponsible owners, not simply their pets.

And remember prosecution and enforcement. Get-tough laws are fantastic, however, if the laws aren’t enforced and prosecuted to the fullest, they become worse than pointless. It is like animal abuse and cruelty legislation. We are seeing new and more powerful laws being handed all around the nation but prosecution and enforcement are missing.

It is time to arrest, charge and prosecute to the fullest. Nice them, jail them and prohibit them from ever having a companion animal again. Unless this previous punishment begins being used, what is to prevent these folks from moving out and only getting a different dog and then the vicious cycle will only repeat itself. We will need to create the penalties unpleasant enough to create irresponsible owners take note!