Some Ideas About Automatic Pool Cover System

In today’s era of swimming pool design, there are virtually unlimited methods to integrate an automatic pool cover into the build. Previously, you’re pretty much limited to a plain rectangle pool with an industrial looking aluminum lid to pay for the recessed mechanism housing. This mindset has become a matter of the past.

No more do the tracks need to be mounted to the underside of the pool coping. The new standard in the industry would be to mount a receiver bit (encapsulation) on the pool bond beam prior to the coping is installed. This receiver then takes the track and is held in place by a union groove following a plastic shim is added.

This technique has two major advantages. The first is that the elimination of monitors pulling loose in the coping. Using this type of encapsulated track allows for a swimming pool in pool design as well.

The swimming pool could be of freeform design but with the advantage of a below deck and also hidden pools guide program. The outside perimeter of the swimming pool remains rectangular with a step-down onto the deck surface around the swimming pool.

The extreme cantilever is another choice. With this process, a free-form design is maintained throughout the build. This is accomplished by constructing the pool as you would for a pool in pool program and then with forms placed from the track to the border of the freeform pool, cement decking is poured to completed elevation. After the forms are removed there’s a four to six-inch notch for the cover to journey through. In some cases, the tracks have been as far as four feet from the water’s edge.

Recessed housings have been covered with dealing or deck material for a more attractive look. In the event the substance being used is thinner than 2 inches or is brick or flagstone, a bowl or pan system may be used to secure the stuff to. Utilizing this type of thick walk -on lids allows for the concealed top edge option.

The top edge of the cover system could be completely tucked beneath the recessed housing lid by utilizing custom made brackets that stretch towards the water’s edge. The reduced bond beam is then notched during the construction phase, to allow for a pocket to get the stiff leading edge of this pay to tuck into. Water level needs to be taken into consideration during construction to maintain the top edge from dragging through the water. This may be accomplished by the lowering of the skimmers one to two inches from normal altitude.

Negative border or vanishing edge pools may have covers too. The tracking is placed on top of the spill wall when it slopes away from the pool and vertically on the rear side of the wall if it slopes toward the swimming pool.