Relationship Development

What is the worth of a great relationship? What are the fundamentals of a connection? How can you form a person, and much more importantly, how do you keep one moving? How do you repair one after you’ve botched up something?

If you’ve not ever botched a relationship, or you believe all past failed relationships were “someone else’s fault”, this series of posts is not for you. For the previous 25 years my organization and I have coached thousands of individuals on professional relationship growth. The practice is based on precise viable principles and techniques with demonstrated success each time.

Personally, I researched to find a good definition of the expression “relationship development”. Please continue to browse through to the conclusion of this article and let me know if you agree. So what does “relationship development” mean? Let’s first break down the fundamental words:

2) The way in which one person or thing is related to another.
Derivation: Relation coming from relate, Latin relatum attracted back, connected, re- rear + latum brought.


1) State or illness which exists between people or groups which deal with each other.

The derivation above shows where the term originated. It implies the concept of repetition or growth or a connection that lasts. We can conclude it to relate to a person must involve some repeated action, connection and association seem to play a role in this.


1) A causing to grow, expand, or improve.
Two) Caused shift in nature through consecutive periods; evolve.


Intensive couples program DEVELOPMENT: The activity of causing the repetitive connection and evolution toward accomplishing the most common purposes of at least two people.

This datum could be applied to friendships, family, dating, marriage, not to mention company.

The point I really want to stress is “repetitive.” Case in point: a new client walks through the doorway. He/she says they are interested and want to think about it and they leave.

Now the incorrect thing to do. . .sit back and wait for them to call. If you genuinely need to develop the relationship, and it’s your absolute intention to grow this individual into a new customer, you must create the “repetitive connection” to remain fresh in their mind.

Measures to develop this new client:

1. Get the contact information for anybody interested in your services.

2. Telephone them ; then follow along with an email or a private letter thanking them for their interest in your company, expressing your desire to support their personal needs and thank them for calling/coming in.

3. Continue the followup with promotional items, letters, calls, and successes of current customers. Keep the repeat in at least another week, and always be polite.

4. Maintain your site up-to-date with posts, blogs and free info and steer the prospective customer to those in all of your promotional activities. This develops hope and trust that your aid would be beneficial for them.