Public Records Search Sites

Public information search sites have become increasingly common online today. Very good is largely due to the demand of people to find information by browsing public records. Traditionally, people find records by searching data files at the county courthouse, county library, revenue office, as well as other government offices and agencies. These are all viable alternatives for a public information search, but the Internet allows you to access the data you are looking for and have it instantly available to you on your computer.

You can find many different reports through public records search sites. Some examples of reports that you will have access to include comprehensive background reports, court records reviews, criminal records, sex offender searches, bankruptcies, judgments, liens, federal government records, case number searches, reverse cell and landline searches, cell search by name, cell search simply by address, birth records, marriage and divorce records, death records, people search, business search, property reports, employment background, and vessel/watercraft search. All of these records are public information which was organized in online public records search.

There are many public records seek sites to choose from on the Internet. Some of the more common sites are Intelius, NetDetective, Gov-Resources, CourtRecords, Red Archive, and Records-Access. Generally speaking, they all offer the same type of service with virtually identical information.

There are usually slight differences from site to web site. You will encounter differences in price, customer support options, and records seek out option. Typically, each search site offers multiple plans with different price levels. If you want access to public information for a day, 12 months, or lifetime, you can find a site that will accommodate your ask for. Sometimes, you can gain access to just one report at a time for as low as $2 or $3, but it depends on what records you are interested in. For anyone that needs to find public information more than twice a year, the membership with a one time fee will be the best option. There has been several confusion about how an individual can get lifetime searches for a one time fee, so I wanted to explain it clearly.

How a Public information Search Site Lifetime Membership Works

Oftentimes, a lifetime account will cost $50 or less. The amount you pay for the particular membership, $50 in this case, will be your credit balance once you commence your public records search through the site. You will be able to access all the studies you want, some may cost $5, others may be $20, until you have used your credit balance. If you want to access more information after you have used your balance, you simply add funds to your account to help keep searching.