Marketing Your Cosmetic Practice in Online Social Media

As a commendable cosmetic surgeon, I am sure your website is professionally constructed and offers appealing advice on your cosmetic surgery patients. However, are you sure that this is all you need to construct a strong online reputation? The faltering economy along with the rapid conversion of the media landscape is forcing a quick evolution in promoting your plastic surgery practice. To survive and flourish in the new surroundings, you must adopt the new generation of marketing tools, also known as Web 2.0.

Cosmetic surgery patients are web savvy so that they will search you nicely and would love to find out about you from other sources aside from your site such as social media networks, websites, forums and other Web 2.0 tools.

What types of internet social media should be included in your medical marketing and advertising plan?

– Blogs
– Microblogs (e.g. Twitter, Jaiku, Plurk)
– Article e-zines such as EzineArticles, Articlesbase
– Forums, group discussions

Let’s make a brief analysis of each online social medium and of the finest practices doctors can use to market their cosmetic surgery practice.

A social network is a web of interconnected people who interact with one another through this system. It includes nodes (typically individuals or associations ) and ties (the connections between them), which may function at many different levels: from family and friends to business direction and high officials.
There are overall social networks that address into a global market like LinkedIn, Facebook, MySpace and concentrated social networks that address a particular category of viewers, like doctors.

Tips to start off you
– build a professional resume on LinkedIn business community, use your keyword several times and start building your network around you
– Look closely at the types of networks and choose the Proper ones to you
– Find and share information with other cosmetic operation MDs
– Focus on specialization centric networks for doctors
– Discover what your colleagues are speaking about and take the pulse of the newest tendencies
– Build your own voice online by engaging in the discussions


Blogging is a powerful and inexpensive advertising tool. Nowadays, almost everyone has their own site, from personal, professional to even corporate blogs. Blogging can become an integral part of marketing your plastic surgery clinic. Blogging in a professional way can strengthen your connection with your existing patients and may bring you new patients, as well.

Tips to start off you

– Choose a blog name that is related to cosmetic surgery and that is search engine friendly
– Assign a team member or a professional blogger to Handle the site
– Post always on your blog so You have fresh and new content; this will also allow search engines to index your site better
– Choose topics which would interest your target audience
– Don’t be overly formal, utilize a friendly fashion
– Use your own keywords as often as possible


The microblog users may publish short, concise updates, can trace and be followed by other users and reply to other customers’ microblog upgrades. One of the most well known microblogs is Twitter that is becoming a highly effective communication tool among physicians and between physicians and patients in healthcare. There are many doctors out there today, twittering in their medical and personal pursuits.

Tips to start off you

– The title of your Twitter account ought to be closely associated with your real name
– Make a brief but catchy description on your Twitter profile page
– Personalize your Twitter page by incorporating your logo, photo and anything else that sets you apart from the remainder
– Enter twits virtually daily
– Don’t twit only about your business, be informal and friendly
– Assign a staff member or an expert Twitter user to Handle your accounts

The explanations for why you’d want to spread a good deal of positive and interesting articles on the Internet is to get a better online reputation and also to attract more traffic to your website. Getting fresh and well written online content may get your title go higher in web searches. Some people can spread the word too in case your article catches their attention.

Tips to start off you

– Choose interesting subjects for your targeted audience, such as tendencies in the cosmetic surgery industry, benefits of specific cosmetic procedures, why your clinic stands apart from the others, etc..
– Use your key phrases several times from the article
– Use built in hyperlinks
– Submit to several e-zines providers; some are free, others are not
– Assign a staff member or an Internet expert to manage this online medical advertising process

Forum, group talks

A forum is a virtual community of users that share thoughts and information on several given topics. There are myriads of forums and group discussions, each targeted to a certain group of people sharing the same interests. Sign in to those forums which your current and potential cosmetic surgery patients visit on a regular basis. You can also sign to peer group discussions.

Tips to start you off

– Task someone in-house with joining and participating in any applicable forums or user classes
– Consider sponsoring the powerful conversation
– If something negative spreads out, the impact can be reduced if somebody from your practice is a regular contributor and has already gained credibility
– Set up partnerships with most influential users

And the list goes on, but this is simply an introduction to medical marketing through houstonmediasource online social websites. The subject is so complex that an entire book could be written about it. The emerging internet media are about to play an important part in innovative medical marketing. It is up to you to decide what works best for you personally.