Kickstarter: The Future of Indie Gaming

With the creation of Kickstarter, the sphere of Indie gaming have really come alive! Before investment funding sites including Kickstarter, being an indie developer was incredibly hard, and still is, but today its potential to receive crucial financing for marketing and getting your movie game dev tutorials on the market, and being financed by people who truly want to play with your game as well!

Games such as Wasteland 2, by way of example, would probably never see the light of day, or even for Kickstarter, and the huge fan base that supports this awesome traditional gaming! For people who don’t know, Wasteland two is considered the grandfather of this traditional RPG franchise, Fallout, and the creation of such a hit match by Kickstarter financing could mean a whole lot more classic games and other games missing in the history of time could see a re-imaging or sequel. Wasteland 2 received almost 3,000,000 dollars in funding, which is far beyond the targeted financing for the project, meaning that there will be more content and upgrades being added together with the funding! Other classic games being released because of Kickstarter are matched such as Shadowrun, FTL (Faster than light), Organ Trail, and a lot more, due to the funding of players, longing for new gaming experiences.

The retail gaming industry these days don’t delight in taking risks on new projects and prefer to stick to what works for them, largely with a case of”sequel-itis”, and sticking strictly for their games, and saturating the market with first-person shooters. Many gamers are getting tired of the same old game, lack of intriguing new content, and basically the exact same game with a brand new cover artwork attached to them. It has led many to turn to Kickstarter and scrapbooking jobs for new and exciting games, featuring interesting concepts, notions, and match play that the large gaming companies won’t dare touch, due to fear of buying a job that might or might not fail.

The future does indeed look bright for Indie game developers, and many others have taken note! Steam also allows new jobs on their network as well, along with also the PlayStation 4 is rumored to be more invested in Indie developers too. I have done reviews on several Kickstarter-related projects, like Organ Trail, and are doing more as well as they’re available, and I really do look forward to a bright future to the indie developers, as many have shared interest and concern thought of another console video game crash may be upon us soon, which is another article for another time.

In short, I am pleased of sites like Kickstarter, because they permit the consumer and also the developer/creator to share his vision with his customers and they are able to choose whether to invest and become part of the job with however much they could afford or decide to donate to the evolution, not to mention, that if their financing goal isn’t attained, the funders are going to receive their funding back, and if they achieve their goals, then the growth will remain as planned!