How to Use LANs

Some have speculated that prolonged exposure to wireless system devices may cause memory loss or other brain damage. Potential health hazards from the microwave signals of wireless LANs (WLANs) and Wi-Fi have yet to be scientifically validated, however. In reality, using Wi-Fi is most likely much safer than using a cell phone.

Health Risks From Wi-Fi:

Traditional Wi-Fi transmits in the same general frequency range as microwave ovens.

Yet in comparison to ovens and even mobile phones, wireless network cards and access points transmit at much lower power. WLANs also send radio signals just intermittently, through data transmission, whereas mobile phones transmit continuously while working. The normal individual’s cumulative exposure to microwave radiation in Wi-Fi is complete much, much less than exposure from other radio frequency devices.

Despite the absence of definitive correlation, parents and schools have remained concerned about the health risks of wireless networks on kids. A few colleges have banned or limited the use of Wi-Fi as a safety precaution over the years including one in New Zealand after the passing of a pupil in the brain tumor.

Health Risks From Cell Phones:
Scientific research into the effects of cell phone radiation on the human body also has produced inconclusive results. Some are adamant there’s no health threat, while others are convinced that cell phones increase the chance of brain tumors.

As with Wi-Fi, some schools in France and India have considered banning cell phones because of radiation concerns in nations.