How to Increase Your Sales With BOGO

The holiday season is peak season for most small businesses. Among the most overlooked marketing tricks to boost holiday sales is utilizing BOGO (buy-one-get-one) offers. In fact, BOGO is one of the most powerful marketing weapons. It is also among the least difficult. All you need to do is make your clients feel like they’ll miss out on a great opportunity if they don’t take advantage of the one and purchase now. Many retailers and small business owners look forward to Black Friday and Cyber Monday to boost company sales, but it is usually after those dates the reductions started to simmer until the week prior to the last holiday of the year.

So, if you want to provide your sales an extra boost this upcoming season–Choose BOGO. BOGO is a favorite acronym which means buy-one-get-one-free or at a reduced fixed cost. It is used by several big and smaller companies for sales promotions. It’s attractive to consumers because, psychologically, nothing seems better than getting something at no cost. Right now, as I write this, shoppers are either using their telephones to research trendy items on the internet to purchase at a reduced cost or they are signing up to receive exceptional offers and discounts in expectation for the holiday sales of the year. Shoppers always mean to spend less than they did the year before and in the event, the advantages of said discounted or free provide beats the advantages of the contrasted market price of a high-quality thing–they will jump at the chance.

Below are three ways your small business may gain from the BOGO marketing strategy to boost your earnings.

1. Use A Sense of Urgency – Start a vacation clock countdown. Think of the “Only 10 days left before Christmas” fashion promotions to utilize to your own BOGO offers. Inform your clients that accessibility of special items are at present limited and foster the end date to drive the point home. Appeal to the senses using rich media such as photos, memes as well as video. Be creative and make it fun and vibrant.

2. Showcase Using Social Media – Whether you run an online business or not, social media marketing is prime for any small company. Use your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter along with other social sites to showcase your holiday promotions, sales, events, menus, clearance sales and stock. You can also utilize social media to promote Secret Santa-style BOGO promotions which are only available for your followers that unlock the deal by using a time-limited code on your own website or in-store.

3. Gift Giving – Capture your customer’s attention with BOGO holiday present provides. Gifts are all and everybody wants you. This is also a good way to appeal to last-minute shoppers by showing them which they benefit from said present if they buy one item of equal value. Provide another BOGO-gift offer every day or spotlight another product every week before Christmas. Not only does this boost sale but it encourages new customers, drives visitors and gets rid of excess inventory.

As we approach the busiest shopping season of the year it is time to get started prepping your promotional offers. Whether you’re organizing a new discount strategy or trying to figure out how to enhance existing campaigns, then you can utilize the BOGO advertising. It is a very effective marketing technique that’s guaranteed to generate revenue making the 2017 holiday season a success for the small business while helping your clients optimize their savings.