How to Get 300 Real, Targeted Instagram Followers Per Day

How to Get 300 Real, Targeted Instagram Followers Per Day

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Today, that number is closer to 700 million and climbing. This means that the platform is an entirely different animal than it was a couple of years ago.

  • From where I stand, Instagram has never been more useful than it is right now for personal and business brand building.
  • Later, I’ll get into detail about the endless opportunities and why you should not neglect this social media platform.
  • You need the right metrics and tools to build a successful Instagram campaign.
  • I want to help you succeed on Instagram and harness the impact that it can have for your business.
  • So what does success look like? It means attracting the usual stuff like followers, likes, mentions, and comments.
  • It also means engaging on a deeper level with your audience and mapping that engagement into a marketing or sales goal. You’re connecting with users in a way that truly matters, and that’s going to have implications for the way you do business.

Introducing How to promote a private Instagram account

  • While I feel like this platform needs no introduction, some of you may be new to it.
  • So, I’d like to give you a few quick facts.
  • Instagram is a photo-sharing mobile app. It was launched in 2010 as a typical freebie app. There were a lot of other photo apps, but Instagram hit the sweet spot and started to grow exponentially.
  • They grew so quickly and organically that Facebook took interest and bought them for $1 billion in April of 2012.
  • As of April of 2017, Instagram has more than 700 million monthly active users!

The evolution of Instagram

  • Instagram used to be a basic app. You took a picture, you put a filter on it (to make yourself look better), and then you shared it with your small Instagram following.
  • That was it. No bells. No whistles. Nothing fancy.
  • That’s no longer the case.
  • Today, Instagram is packed with tons of features, from automation features to fantastic filters. Once Snapchat started attracting millions of followers, and apps like Periscope leveraged live video, Instagram rushed to offer these features as well.
  • For example, you can edit photos using more advanced photo editing features instead of relying on Instagram’s built-in filters.
  • You can also post Stories. Stories appear at the top of your friends’ feeds and appear there for only 24 hours. If you want to keep your Stories different, then you can send them just to select friends or curated groups.
  • You can edit your images with drawing, text, and other special effects, similar to Snapchat.
  • Instagram’s Live Video attribute is also catching on.
  • It is not like most live movie platforms because the video disappears as soon as you quit streaming. You can see live movies just while they are being filmed.
  • My goal in this guide is to explain to you how you can get followers, not teach you how you can use every feature.
  • Still, it’s important to know about these characteristics, since you’re likely to be using them as you grow your audience by the thousands each week.

Let’s jump in.

Fake vs. actual followers and how to spot the fakes

  • It’s the nature of the game.
  • Some of us will try to prop up their account by misrepresenting their reach and by extension — their influence.
  • They purchase followers and likes from black market sites in order that they can appeal to brands for online affiliate marketing purposes. Others simply do it for reasons that are shallow.
  • These fake followers are typically bots that add no value to the stage. Worse yet, they take away from the consumer experience that we all love.

And would you know everything?

Spambots can not actually “like” your own brand. They can not give real insight which may impact your enterprise. And they can not spend real money.