Free iPhone Apps

I analyzed the free attributes for your E*Trade Mobile Pro iPhone app in this video. The program itself is free to download, but you need to have a E*Trade Pro account to utilize the majority of the qualities to trade, analyze stocks and the current market, and manage your trading accounts. There are only 3 main features that are free: market summary with the significant indicies (Dow Jones, NASDAQ, S&P 500), News, and customizable watchlists. These are 90 percent just like the iPhone stocks app that comes standard with the iPhone and uses Yahoo! fund information. The market data are postponed for those without an E*Trade account.

1. Only the dashboard, news, and watchlist features are free. Among the exceptional attributes for E*Trade Pro users would be the streaming CNBC movies that you can watch on your iphone suggested apps.

2. Markets Overview (on Dashboard): Shows the major market indices such as the Dow Jones Industrial Average, NASDAQ, and S&P 500. Viewable in 2 unique modes: chart style together with tabs to switch between the indices, and record style that reveals delayed market data for all those indices.

3. News: The information revealed on the Dashboard is overall market news and can be enlarged to show several pages of headlines, unlike the standard iPhone stock program that only shows 4 headlines. When viewing individual stocks, the news is revealed for that specific ticker. When a headline is clicked, the information post is shown in the E*Trade Mobile Pro app itself instead of opening in Safari. This is great in keeping you in the app rather than switching between E*Trade and Safari, particularly if you are in a trade or going to create one.

4. Watchlists: Easy to add, arrange, and delete stocks from a default watchlist. To include greater watchlists, you have to have an E*Trade Pro account. A unique feature is the capability to add several tickers at once to the watchlist by separating tickers with commas when entering them into the list.

5. Ticker view: When you click on a stock ticker from the watchlist, you see a layout similar to the Dashboard, but for your specific stock. The top shows the graph and can change views to find the inventory’s data like current price, high, low, volume, etc.. Beneath the chart/data box is the news box which shows several of the most recent headlines related to this particular stock. When rotated to landscape style, the graph becomes a full-screen graph. However, the graph is a basic line chart with no choices to personalize anything other than if you want to view 1-day’s worth of information, 1-week, 1-month, 3-months, or 1-year.

Unless you have an E*Trade Pro accounts to access the advanced features, the free attributes with this program is very basic and not necessary when you already have the normal iPhone stock app. However, the advanced features are extremely full, almost like you’re trading from the notebook or desktop computer. I’ll do an opinion review of the E*Trade Pro app advanced features for E*Trade users within the next article. The only other brokerage iPhone cellular app that provides you even more ability to trade on your phone is probably the thinkorswim iSwim for iPhone and thinkorswim mobile for Android.