Cisco Systems HWIC-4T Entryway for Beginners


The HWIC-4T is a 4-port high-speed WAN interface card. The protocols Support London are asynchronous, transparent ASYNC, HDLC, transparent and Bisync. HWIC-4T helps clients enable applications such as WAN aggregation, legacy protocol transfer, console server, and dial up access over. Customers can mix and match HWIC with cost effective solutions for common networking issues such as remote network management, outside telephone modem access, WAN aggregation at low density, heritage transport protocol, high port density.

The Cisco 1 interface BRIS / TWIC expands the dedication to providing clients with maximum flexibility and investment protection, WIC modules are compatible with other award winning modem platforms. When the demands of WAN bandwidth, and service suppliers cost change, users may quickly change WAN services either by altering the software setup or substituting the WIC. The identical card may be used in Cisco 1600, 1700, 1800, 1900, 2600, 2800, 2900, 3700, 3800, 3900 Series Integrated Services Routers, the amount of storage units can be reduced, and WIC could be redeployed elsewhere. An integrated solution has fewer components, leading to fewer points of failure (for instance, less power and fewer cables) This results in an advancement WIC-1B-S/T-V3 reliability.

The Cisco provides all the features of the Cisco WIC-1B-S / T and can be deployed easily with no need to be trained to the job before. The network modules provide various port densities to meet client needs at various prices. The option enables customers to consolidate NT1 integrated customer premises equipment to provide multifunction dial access servers, routers, and other characteristics in Cisco branch office environments. WAN interface card offers a selection of just one ISDN BRI port (with optional NT1).

It supplies a cheap ISDN router with the following advantages of integration: Less appliances and wires to deploy and manage, Remote and local configuration tracking and troubleshooting via the IOS Software CLI and Simple Network Management Protocol, Flexibility and investment protection, Improved reliability with Physical space savings.

The ability to add BRI connectivity via a WIC allows administrators to maximize valuable distance, providing additional connectivity options through the module itself, such as Fast Ethernet. These exceptionally flexible user interface cards permit a variety of important applications. Asynchronous ports provide highly flexible connections that permit access to EIA-232 apparatus via TCP / IP. This permits out-of-band management console, allowing the system operator to manage the network gear remotely, centrally located. Serial ports can be linked from the WAN link to remote sites. Supported by a range of up to 8 Mbps per interface, 4-port high-speed serial WAN Interface Card WAN is appropriate for integration in low and medium density.