Alzheimer ‘s Disease

Alzheimer’s disease represents a dismal future for older adults in this country. A Alzheimer’s diagnoses is the most devastating news that one may receive from a Doctor as it pertains to personal health or the healthy of a loved ones. There are no medications available on the marketplace that may cure Alzheimer’s. The identification is a painful death sentence because death is the last result.

The most bothersome part of the Alzheimer’s catastrophe is that there is no known single cause. There are some specific statistics concerning Alzheimer’s that may help you realize the wide spread devastation of this disease and how it can impact families, communities. And the nation as a whole.

These facts and statistics were provided in the database of the Alzheimer’s Association National Office Chicago, IL. And a combination of additional white newspapers, USA government research. grants on Alzheimer’s.

In the vast majority of cases, age is the primary risk factor for Alzheimer’s.

1) The probability of developing Alzheimer’s double every five years over age 65, and by age 85, the probability of developing the disease are 1 in 2.

2) Alzheimer’s comes in third as the most expensive illness for elderly people. Heart attack and cancer are numbers 1 and 2.

3) The federal government budgeted $645 million to Alzheimer’s research for 2007.

5) The national government will spend 7 million less in 2007 than the authorities invested in 2006.

6) In contrast, $2.6 billion has been allocated for research into HIV/AIDS, which afflicts only one million Americans.

7) After 100 years there’s no cure and no drug that prevents the devastation of the brain cells of Alzheimer’s sufferers.

8) After just 10 years, AIDS went from being a death sentence to being a familiar disease.

10 There are around 12 million people nationwide affected by Alzheimer’s.


12) The duration of the disease can last from 3-20 decades.

13) $200 million in research grants have been given from The Alzheimer’s Association for as 1982

14) By the year 2050, 11.3 million to 16 million Americans are predicted to get Alzheimer’s disease.

15) People with Alzheimer’s disease endure about 1/2 as long as those of similar age which don’t Alzheimer’s disease.

16) More than 7 out of 10 individuals with Alzheimer’s disease live at home, where nearly 75 percent of the care is provided by family members and friends.

17) One half of all nursing home residents have Alzheimer’s disease or a related disorder.

18) Nursing home care costs roughly $42,000 per year but can go as large as can $70,000 per year in some areas of the country.

19) The average lifetime cost of care for an individual with Alzheimer’s is $174,000.

20) Medicare costs for beneficiaries with Alzheimer’s are expected to increase 75 percent, from $91 billion in 2005 to $160 billion in 2010.

21) Medicaid expenditures on residential dementia care will increase 14 percent to $24 billion in 2010, according to a report commissioned by the Alzheimer’s Association.

The fact and statistics relating to Alzheimer’s are gloomy and provide little hope. However scientists, scientist are discovering clues daily to the origin of this disorder. There’s a national movement from private and public resources dedicated to beating this disease.